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DigiCAT Turbo is a revolutionary new PU (polyurethane) heat transfer film equipped with a special hot melt adhesive for 5 second application at lower temperatures (265°F).

Temperature / Time: 265 °F, 5 sec. / 302 °F, 4 sec. / 320 °F, 3 sec.

NYLON Temperature / Time: 302 °F, • Pre Heat 5 sec. • Apply to Nylon 5 sec. • Remove PET liner, cover transfer with silicon paper & apply for further 10 sec.

DigiCAT Turbo applies fast and at low temp so it can be used for rapid high-volume production of lettering, numerals, and cut appliques on heat-sensitive materials like nylon, neoprene, and high-performance sportswear.

Save room on the shelf and in your monthly budget with 1 type of HTV for all your vinyl needs. Turbo applies almost instantly to nylon, cotton, polyester, and mixtures of polyester/cotton and polyester/acrylic for high-quality T-shirts, sports & leisure wear, sport bags, umbrellas, windbreakers, beer coozies, cooler bags, and other waterproof materials.

DigiCAT Turbo can be cut with any vinyl cutter. A standard 45° blade is recommended. After weeding the cut flex film is transferred by heat press.

Note: The polyester liner should be removed warm, except for the neon colors (4903, 4940 – 4943) the liner should be removed lukewarm.

With the exception of 4920 Gold Metallic, 4930 Silver Metallic and the Neon colors (4903, 4940 – 4943), the DigiCAT Turbo series can be pressed on top of each other. We recommend evaluation on test material. Manufactured by Poli-Tape.